This law firm cannot guarantee any recovery in a personal injury or workers? compensation case. We do provide this summary of representative cases in which lawyers from our Firm have been directly involved in a verdict or settlement to illustrate the types of cases we handle and some of the results we have been able to obtain for our clients. While our attorneys handle hundreds of injury cases a year and this is not a complete list of every case handled in the past, it does provide you as a perspective future client of our successful results in cases we have handled in the past.

45 year old female client killed in motor vehicle crash when her stopped vehicle was struck in rear by defendant on I-20 west in Newton County. Decedent?s husband suffered fractured occipital bone and non-surgical neck and shoulder injuries.

39 year old female client killed in motor vehicle crash when tractor trailer struck her disabled vehicle on I-75 north in Cobb County.

12 year old female client on class trip to the North Georgia, mountains. While participating in a mountain bike outing, she fell sustaining serious injuries including the loss of a kidney. Client was not given proper instruction on how to operate the bike by bike rental company.

22 year old male client suffered a hip fracture in motor vehicle crash when his vehicle was struck by bus on surface street in DeKalb County. Client?s injuries required hip replacement.

Client riding motorcycle severely injured when vehicle pulled into his lane of travel.
Multiple spinal, pelvic and rib fractures. Surgery required for pelvic injuries.
Settled for $985,000, remaining limits of 1m single limit policy.
Also seeking to recover UM funds.

Elderly client was returning from visiting his wife in a nursing home. At fault driver ran a stop sign, striking client?s vehicle head on. Client suffered an abdominal wall hematoma, requiring immediate surgical evacuation. Client subsequent developed a staph and fungemia infection.

14 year old male client attacked by pit bull running loose in neighborhood, suffered multiple puncture wounds.

15 year old male riding his bike on a surface street in Forsyth County, Georgia, when defendant vehicle attempted to pass him striking him with the mirror of his vehicle. Client suffered a skull fracture along with severe lacerations.

Client was injured when he was stopped behind a left turning vehicle. He was struck in the rear by defendant?s vehicle, and pushed into the vehicle in front of him. Client?s vehicle was totaled. Client suffered two bulging discs and a rib fracture. He did not have surgery.

Client was driving a maintenance cart at airport. His cart was struck by defendant?s van which crossed the lane divider. Client suffered a disc herniation requiring surgery. Client also received Workers Compensation benefits.

67 year old female client was car shopping at used car lot. Salesperson driving client and her husband around in a gold cart. Client was seated on rear facing bench seat. Sales person started golf cart abruptly, throwing client off the back. Client suffered fracture of the right femur requiring open reduction and internal fixation, contusions to thoracic back, lumbar back, ribs and right hip.

30 year old male client on a deck at friend?s house in Clayton County, Georgia. While cooking out on the deck, defendant?s deck collapsed and client sustained ankle fractures.

Client was injured in a 2005 auto collision when defendant driver pulled out of a fast food restaurant parking lot onto a busy street in front of client. Client suffered herniated disc requiring surgery. Defense contested injuries as pre-existing.

Client injured at his job as landscaper while moving a tractor tread. He suffered two herniated disc. Surgery was not recommended. Client received Workers Compensation medical and wage benefits for 89 weeks. There was a dispute as to the need for future medical treatment.

Client was working as a cable installer. He arrived at a residence for defendant?s scheduled installation. A young child opened the door, allowing a large dog out of the house. The dog chased client back to his vehicle. In an effort to escape, client jumped onto his truck, suffering a torn rotator cuff which required surgery to repair. PI claim settled. Workers Compensation paid medical and wage benefits.

Client was rear ended by defendant in auto collision. Vehicle was totaled and client suffered multiple lumbar disc bulges. Surgery was not recommended. Defense contested injuries as pre-existing.