Our Success Stories

Member contacted our office for assistance regarding an issue she was having regarding pension benefits. Member worked for a chemical corporation for over 10 years during the 1970’s. Member recently submitted a claim for pension benefits for which she was entitled according to the terms of the retirement plan at that time. The company denied her claim, stating their policy at the time was for employees to be paid accrued pension benefits of less than $3,500.00 immediately upon termination of employment. Member stated that she did not receive her benefits at the time she left the company. Our attorney wrote a letter to the Benefits Director appealing his decision and argued there was no record of the payment being according to their own company employee records nor with the Social Security Administration. In response to our letter, the company reversed their denial and paid member her earned pension benefits. Recovery for member, $7,829.64.

Member contacted our office for assistance after her claim for damages was denied. Member had previously purchased three air conditioning units, plus the annual maintenance program, from a local heating and air company. Member noticed a leak in his ceiling directly under an attic unit and called for a technician to come and inspect the damage. The technician discovered that the leak was also going into member’s basement, causing his hardwood floors to buckle. Member obtained an estimate to repair the sheetrock and hardwood floors, but the company denied payment, claiming the estimate was too high. Member’s requests for them to send their own contractor to provide an estimate for the damages were ignored. Our attorney wrote a demand letter for damages and argued that, had the company properly maintained the unit in accordance with the maintenance plan, there would not have been a leak in the first place. In response to our letter, the company paid member the total amount demanded. Recovered for member, $5,985.63.

Member contacted our office for assistance after receiving a demand letter from opposing counsel alleging that she had infringed on their client’s copyrighted image by using it on member’s website without a license. Member stated that she has purchased thousands of images for her business over the years and had receipts that showed stock numbers, but not images. Member could not determine the stock number for the picture in question. After some “brain storming” with member, our attorney suggested that she contact the photo stock company’s website, send a copy of the image, and ask if they could look up the image number. The photo stock company was able to provide member with the image number and proof that it had been purchased by member. Our attorney sent a letter with a copy of the records and receipt to opposing counsel, and in response received acknowledgement that the case was closed. Savings for member, $2,525.00.