Our Success Stories

Member contacted our office for assistance in reviewing an agreement to purchase an established business (which was losing money) and take over the lease. Member was told he would need to close the deal by the end of the week. The attorney reviewed the documents and found that the lease had already expired and there were separate stipulations added by the landlord requiring the buyer to assume responsibility for the existing debt of the former owner. The attorney advised member that without an existing lease, he would have no clear right to remain in the shopping center after going through with the deal, even after paying off the owner’s existing debt. The attorney advised member that the early deadline, along with the balloon payment, and the absence of a clear duration of the lease, all seemed to have the hallmarks of a scam.  Based on our attorney’s advice and guidance, member did not sign the agreement.  Savings for member, $14,000.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance after receiving debt collection letters stemming from an unpaid credit card bill that increased due to interest, late fees, and attorney fees.  Member has been experiencing financial hardship and unable to pay some of her monthly bills. Member confirmed that it is a valid debt and wanted to know what her options are.  The attorney consulted with member and offered to reach out to opposing counsel with a settlement offer.  Our attorney wrote a letter to opposing counsel and made a lump sum settlement offer, which was accepted. Savings to member, $13,422.77.

Member contacted our office for assistance regarding repair work to her vehicle. Member contacted a mobile full-service auto repair service company to repair a small oil leak on her expensive foreign-made vehicle. The assigned technician broke two of the fuel injector O-rings and the car would not start. The company sent another technician out to fix the issues caused by the first technician, and he was unable to repair the damage.  Member was forced to have her car towed to a dealership for repairs. The dealership had to order the replacement parts from Germany, delaying repair for several months.  Our attorney wrote a letter to the company outlining their negligent and shoddy work, and demanded a refund of repair costs, plus reimbursement for car rental charges incurred by member.  In response to our letter, the opposing party remitted the demanded funds.  Recovery for member, $8,898.76.

Member contacted our office for assistance with a landlord/tenant issue. Member stated that she had been experiencing on-going plumbing issues, and despite multiple repair attempts, the problems persisted. Member stated that water floods through the flooring in the kitchen when the shower is used, leaving the kitchen inaccessible and causing concern about damage to the wiring and appliances in the kitchen. Our attorney wrote a letter to the property management company listing the repairs that need to be made and demanded that member be reimbursed for the rent she paid while being subjected to said conditions. In response to our letter, the opposing party agreed to perform all of the requested repairs and made an offer of compensation, which member accepted.  Recovery for member, $3,567.00.