Dying without a Will (intestate, as it is referred to in the law), can pose a huge problem. Several reports have shown that more than half of Americans die without a Will. Based on our research, there are three reasons why Americans do not prepare a Will: 1.) procrastination; 2.) a belief that they don’t need one; and 3.) cost. Fear not, because we are here to resolve all three of these problems.

During our life time we accumulate wealth, which may include real estate, bank accounts, investments, personal property, life insurance, businesses or companies run by us, even inheritance from our loved ones. All these tangibles/intangibles make up your estate, which we recommend should be managed properly during your lifetime and after you, pass away. Our firm is here to serve you with your estate planning needs.

Please feel to give our law firm a call if you have any specific questions regarding your estate planning needs. Having your Will professionally prepared is critical.

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Back to School 101: What Every Parent Should Know About Their Children?s Education:

It?s that time of year again, when our children are returning back to school. Many parents and students may be apprehensive about the new school year. There may be several consent forms, handbooks, correspondences, or documents parents need to sign during the registration process, orientation, or after school begins. Too many rules and regulations may seem overwhelming to many but as the year progresses our children become familiarized with their school/teacher?s expectations and get used to their daily routine. In this day in age, many of our schools and teachers are actively communicating with parents through email, text messages, and portals about their children?s academic progress. This level of transparency allows parents to participate and be involved in their children?s education.

Often times confusion sets in about school rules or what services the schools are supposed to provide a child. Parents frequently ask the school — what are my child?s rights under the law? Being a parent is challenging as it is and equally challenging is trying to navigate through educational law issues. Please call our law firm if you have any questions. Here are some things to look out for this year:

Discipline We encourage parents review student handbooks or Student Code of Conduct regarding discipline policies. Title 20, Chapter 2 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) outlines school discipline procedures. Schools must provide notice to the student of any wrong doing and give the student the opportunity to tell their side of the story.

Student Records Parents have the right to review them and make sure they are accurate. If the records are not accurate, they may be corrected at the request of a parent. Like medical records, school records are also confidential and require parental authorization for these records to be released.

Students With Disabilities or Special Needs Under state and federal laws, students with disabilities are entitled to receive free-public school education. Schools must interactively engage with parents to assess the child?s issues and inform them what resources are available. Parents may also disagree with the school?s assessments and request a meeting, mediation, or hearing to appeal to voice their concerns.

Attendance School systems actively monitor a student?s attendance and may refer parents to their truancy programs or assign them to a social worker prior to getting the courts involved. Parents may be charged with educational neglect if their children have more than five unexcused absences.

As always, if anything is unclear or whether you have questions, please contact us. We wish all your children a successful academic year!

Success Stories

1. Client contacted our office for assistance with an issue she was having with a women?s hair club. Client joined a women?s hair club and purchased a package that included a non-surgical all inclusive hair club package. Client was happy with the quality of the hair, but they could not apply it properly where it would stay on her head. Our attorney wrote a letter to the company demanding a refund as the company was unable to provide services as promised. In response to our letter, the company agreed to refund the cost of the hair package. Recovery for Client, $4,165.00.

2. Client contacted our office for assistance after his 15-year old son was assaulted by another camper?s parent while attending a YMCA camp. Client?s son was attending summer camp, and also as a ?counselor in training,? was helping out in one of the basketball camps for younger campers. One of the children in the camp accused Client?s son of stepping on his foot, eating his lunch and calling him a homophobic slur. Client?s son denied the accusations; however, the child?s mother came up to the YMCA and assaulted the Client?s son. Although criminal charges are pending and that parent is banned from the facility, Client no longer wanted his son attending camp. Our attorney sent a letter demanding a refund of the cost of summer camp. In response to our letter, Client received a refund of the full amount. Recovery for Client, $625.00.

3. Client contacted our office for assistance after receiving a demand letter from another law firm representing the buyers of a house Client purchased and flipped. The attorney indicated that there were major defects in the home with the renovation work and demanded that the Client buy back the home for the original sale price of $275,000.00. Our attorney drafted a response on the Client’s behalf, denying any liability for the repairs and declining to buy back the property; however, in a good faith effort to resolve the dispute, made an offer of settlement in the amount of $50,000 which the opposing party accepted. Savings for Client, $225,000.00.