Recent Success Stories:

Client contacted our office for assistance with an issue he was having with an apartment complex.? Client completed an application for an apartment rental with a friend who was to be his roommate.? Client?s application was rejected, but his friend?s application was accepted, and the?friend moved into the apartment.? Approximately six months later, client completed an application at another apartment complex, and when they ran his rental history it showed that he owed a balance of $8,690.89 to the apartment complex that had rejected his application.? After reviewing client?s friend?s lease, and confirming his name was not on the lease, our attorney wrote a letter to the apartment complex demanding that they remove all reporting of his social security number on any rental history from any rental report or credit history.? In response to our letter, the company responded that the issue had been corrected. Savings for client, $8,690.89.

Client contacted our office for assistance regarding a contract she entered into for the purchase of a cellphone and tablet.? After reviewing additional contractual information, client decided to return the items to a provider in her area.? Client began receiving harassing telephone calls from collectors demanding payment for the items.? Our attorney wrote a letter to the company headquarters demanding that it cease further?collection calls and harassing the client for items that had been returned.? In response to our letter, the company responded that it had credited client?s account and removed the account from outside collection agencies, as well as removed any negative remarks from client?s credit records. Savings for client, $1,087.12.

Client was involved in an accident and contacted our office for assistance after the insurance company?s offer to settle was insufficient to fully compensate him for his diminished value claim.?Client?s automobile sustained damages costing $10,000.00.? The repairs were made to restore the automobile to its outstanding condition prior to the collision.? Our attorney wrote a letter to the insurance company demanding that Client be fully compensated for his diminished value claim, as it was undisputed that the vehicle had extremely low mileage and was in pristine condition at the time of the collision.? In response to our letter, client received a check from the insurance company in the amount of $2,600.00 for his diminished value claim.? Recovery for client, $2,600.00.

School Is Back In Session: What Parents Should Know About Their Children?s Education:

Summer vacation is over and our children are back in school. Both students and parents may be apprehensive about the new school year.? Parents may need to sign several consent forms, and review handbooks, correspondences, or other important school documents.? There is a tremendous influx of information at the beginning of the new academic year and rules and regulations may seem? complicated and overwhelming. Parents may need to ask administrators what services the schools are supposed to provide their child and what their children?s rights are under the law.? ?Our Attorneys often respond to the worries and concerns of many parents and have frequently addressed the following topics with our clients:

Discipline?Parents may want to review student handbooks or Student Code of Conduct regarding discipline policies.? Title 20, Chapter 2 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) outlines school discipline procedures. ?Schools must provide notice to the student of any wrong doing and give the student the opportunity to tell his/her?side of the story.

Attendance??School systems actively monitor a student?s attendance, and in the event of an attendance issue, may refer parents to their truancy programs or assign them to a social worker prior to getting the courts involved. Parents may be charged with educational neglect if their children have more than five unexcused absences.

Student Records??Parents have the right to review their child?s school records and make sure they are accurate.? If there are inaccuracies and discrepancies, they may be corrected at the request of a parent. Like medical records, school records are also confidential and require parental authorization for these records to be released.

Students With Disabilities or Special Needs?Under state and federal laws, students with disabilities are entitled to receive free-public school education. Schools must interactively engage with parents to assess the child?s issues and inform them what resources are available. Parents may also disagree with the school?s assessment(s), in which case a parent can request a meeting, mediation, or hearing to appeal the school’s determination.

Please call our law firm if you have any questions and an attorney?will?be?happy to discuss your concern and answer any questions you may have.??We wish our clients and their children a successful academic year!

Have you Created Your Will Yet?

Dying without a Will (intestate, as it is referred to in the law), can pose a huge problem. Several reports have shown that more than half of Americans die without a Will. Based on our research, there are three reasons why Americans do not prepare a Will: 1.) procrastination; 2.) a belief that they don’t need one; and 3.) cost. Fear not, because we can create your will to resolve all three of these problems.

During our life time we accumulate wealth, which may include real estate, bank accounts, investments, personal property, life insurance, businesses or companies run by us, and even inheritance from our loved ones. All these tangibles/intangibles make up your estate, which we recommend should be managed properly during your lifetime and after you, pass away. Please feel to give our law firm a call if you have any specific questions regarding your estate planning needs.