Our Success Stories 

Member contacted our office with questions about her workplace environment.  Member works in the customer management contact center for a company that provides payroll, accounting, data recording and social media marketing globally. Member states that a co-worker recently passed away from COVID-19 and everyone is being “secretive” about the virus.  Our attorney consulted with member and advised that because COVID-19 is considered confidential medical information under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers are prohibited from sharing such information.   Our attorney advised member that if she is concerned about her safety, she can file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) by visiting or calling her local OSHA office, or sending a written complaint via fax, mail or email to the closest OSHA office, or filing a complaint on-line.  Resource provided:   www.osha.gov

Member contacted our office for assistance in his claim for damages against his homeowner’s insurance policy.  Member had several sheds on his property that were damaged during a storm last year.  Member filed a claim and received a check to replace the sheds, but not the contents that were damaged.  Member was unsuccessful in his attempts to resolve on his own and was told that time had expired on his claim for the personal property stored in the sheds.  Our attorney wrote an appeal letter to the insurance company providing a detailed list of the contents of the sheds, receipts, and photographic evidence as proof of the damage to the items.  In response to our letter, the insurance company agreed to overturn its decision and pay the personal property damage claim.  Recovery for member, $22,591.88.

Member contacted our office for assistance with a claim for damages.  Member purchased a sump pump for his home that came with a two-year warranty.  Member lives in an area that experienced heavy rainfall over a period of a few days and the sump pump failed, causing member’s basement to flood.  Member contacted the company about the sump pump’s failure and completed the claim forms provided, and returned the sump pump for inspection.  Member contacted our office after he received a settlement offer well below his damages.  Our attorney wrote a letter demanding payment for the damaged items, advising that although member did not have receipts for his items that were purchased over a period of years, he did provide the approximate value of the items though research of similar makes and/or models.  Recovery for member, $4,000.00 (which was double the amount initially offered to member).

Business member contacted our office for assistance in collecting a debt for services rendered.  Member was hired to perform commercial locksmith services at one location for a large restaurant chain.  Member replaced and serviced the panic rod, vertical push bar and applied a dogging kit to allow the exit door to operate in a push/pull mode.  Customer did not pay as agreed and member was unsuccessful in his attempts to resolve on his own.  Our attorney wrote a demand letter for the money owed and pointed out there were no complaints or  issues with the services performed by member’s crew.  In response to our letter, the opposing party paid the outstanding invoice.  Recovery for member, $3,840.46.

Member contacted our office for assistance after she was unable to contact the owner of the condominium unit located on the floor above her unit after their pipe burst causing water damage to her home.  Member states the unit is being rented to a family who does not have renter’s insurance, or the contact information for the owner.  Our attorney located the address of the property owner and wrote a letter, providing a copy of the invoices that member paid for repairs, demanding that the claim for damages be paid within seven (7) days.  In response to our letter, member received a check for the amount demanded.  Recovery for member, $3,695.00.