Member had an expensive foreign sports car that was involved in a collision and declared to be a total loss by his insurance company.  Member contacted our office after the insurance company refused to issue payment pursuant to the GAP policy member had purchased, despite member having repeatedly provided all requested documents.  Our attorney wrote a letter to the insurance company demanding they issue payment to the bank for all amounts owing on the automobile loan pursuant to the contract signed by member.  In response to our letter, the attorney received notice that the claim had been paid and a check was issued to the lienholder.  Recovery for member, $13,704.81.

Member contacted our office for assistance after his claim for damages was denied.  Member purchased blinds for his home and contracted with a large home improvement chain to install the blinds.  Member stated that the entire process was a disaster, and the blinds were not installed properly.  After consulting with member, the attorney set up a telephone conference with an executive in the company’s Customer Care Department, and following brief settlement discussions, the company agreed to allow member to keep the blinds, refund member’s upfront payment for the installation, and pay to have them properly installed by a reputable company.  Recovery for member, $6,060.34.

Member contacted our office for assistance with an issue she was having with her landlord.  Member’s leasing office notified her of its intention to not renew her lease agreement and advised she should vacate the premises.  Based on the notice, member vacated the premises on the date given.  Thereafter, member received a summary of move-out charges, which included an insufficient notice fee and utility bill.  After consulting with member, our attorney wrote a letter to the property management company, stating member complied with their request and should not be charged an insufficient notice fee, and challenging the final utility bill due to the fact that it was four times the average monthly bill.   In response to our letter, the management company waived the insufficient notice fee and reduced the final utility bill.  Savings for member, $1,748.36.

Member works for a company that sells and installs above-ground pools.  Member tested positive for the Coronavirus and had to quarantine for two weeks.  Member’s employer told him that he had to use his vacation days for the missed work, and member sought advice on what to do.  The attorney wrote a letter to member’s employer advising that the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) requires certain employers to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19.  The attorney demanded they accommodate member’s request for paid sick leave under FFCRA.  In response to our letter, member was paid the lost wages.  Recovery for member, $960.00.