Our law firm had an amazing year! Our attorneys and support staff handled many notable matters and promptly serviced the needs of our clients in 2017. We strive to deliver all the benefits you are entitled to receive in a courteous and professional manner.

In addition to our litigation wins, we also send our countless demand letters. Every month, our law firm newsletter features and showcases success stories resulting from the preparation and sending of a demand letter. Why are these stories important? Our clients recovered and saved thousands of dollars after the attorney sent one letter, without resorting to litigation. Looking back, here are some of the most impactful stories of 2017.

Noteworthy Recoveries/Savings (2017)

A Client contacted our office for assistance after being terminated from her position after she filed a charge against her company with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (?EEOC?). She claimed sex discrimination in the workplace. As part of the termination, the company offered $30,000, which was equivalent to three months base salary and three months of COBRA benefits. Our attorney wrote a demand letter advising them of the overwhelming evidence Client had to support her EEOC sex discrimination charge and the probability of a lawsuit. The demand was for, among other things, six months lump sum severance pay, six months of COBRA benefits, lost compensation, and consideration for emotional distress. After some negotiation between the attorney and Client?s former employer, Client agreed to accept $100,000.00 to settle all claims. Recovery for Client $70,000.

A Client contacted our office for assistance in her claim for damages against her insurance company after her car and contents were stolen. Client was at the airport and asked a friend (who worked at the airport) to take her car to get gas. While the car was at the gas station, it was stolen. The car was a 2011 Jaguar and also had Client?s luggage, laptop, cell phone and some jewelry in it at the time of the theft. Client filed a claim, provided a recorded statement and was deposed under oath. After six months the claim had still not been paid. Our attorney wrote a letter to the insurance company demanding that the insurance company complete the claims process and compensate Client for her loss. In response to our letter, the insurance company responded that they had reviewed the documentation and deposition, and would be issuing payment for the amount of the claim. Recovery for Client $60,905.00.

A Client purchased a new truck in December 2016, and noticed a thumping noise over the left rear tire when going over rough terrain. After several repair attempts, the dealership advised Client they were unable to correct the problem even after contacting their corporate office. Our attorney wrote a demand letter to the dealer and assisted the Client in completing a Lemon Law claim on the truck. In response to our demand, the truck was repurchased by the manufacturer, and Client was reimbursed an additional $1,125.96. The total recovery for the Client was $47,784.37.

Client contacted our office for assistance in canceling a contract for a timeshare property in Virginia. Client and his wife were timeshare Clients through a club in Virginia. Unfortunately, Client?s wife passed away this year. Within three days of her passing, Client received a phone call from the resort advising him of an upcoming owners? meeting. Client told the agent that his wife had just passed and also that he was not interested in attending the meeting, nor upgrading or using the vacation package. Client was told that he was required to attend the meeting in order to change the timeshare ownership over to just him. Once Client got to the meeting, he was a victim of a bait and switch where an associate advised him that the funds he had been paying for years for upgrades were not applied correctly, and the only way to fix it was to reinvest. We wrote a letter to the resort demanding a refund, and also demanding that the resort refrain from engaging in deceptive sales techniques and the dissemination of misleading marketing materials. In response to our letter, the resort agreed to refund the cost of the timeshare. Client executed a refund and release agreement. Recovery for Client, $23,602.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance after being terminated from her position for what she believed was due to discrimination and retaliation. Client had worked for the company for over nine years and had an excellent work record; however, last year she was in an auto accident and missed work for six weeks. Several months after she was back at work, her manager approached her and told her she was not meeting the job requirements. Client complained she was being targeted due to her race, and she was then terminated. As part of her termination, the company offered a severance package of $44,585.85. Our attorney wrote a demand letter advising them of their history of discriminating against people of color, and their practice of hiring and promoting other ethnic groups. The company, in turn, took their severance offer off the table and demanded she return a company cell phone and tablet. After some negotiation between the attorneys, Client agreed to accept $66,878.79 in settlement of all claims. Recovery for Client, $23,102.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance after receiving a demand letter from another law firm representing the buyers of a house Client purchased and flipped. Opposing Counsel indicated that there were major defects in the home with the renovation work and demanded that the Client buy back the home for the original sale price of $275,000.00. Our attorney drafted a response on the Client’s behalf, denying any liability for the repairs and declining to buy back the property; however, in a good faith effort to resolve the dispute, made an offer of settlement in the amount of $50,000 which the opposing party accepted. Savings for Client, $225,000.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance regarding a judgment that was filed against him five years ago for default or a loan. He had reached a payment plan on the judgment and was making payments directly to the opposing party with the consent of their attorney. Client thought he had paid off the debt and stopped making payments. He asked our attorney to send a letter requesting confirmation that the judgment had been satisfied and fully paid. The attorney called and spoke to opposing counsel, who advised that Client had defaulted in the past and debt is accelerated, with Client still owing $54,532.00. The attorney wrote a letter to opposing counsel, and following brief settlement discussions, was able to settle the matter with a lump sum payment of $5,000.00 to satisfy the judgment. Savings to Client, $49,532.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance with an issue stemming from a stolen credit card. While Client was traveling out of the country, a family Client stole her business credit card and made fraudulent charges over a period of nearly two weeks. When Client became aware of the fraudulent charges, she called the credit card company to report the theft and then submitted a statement of fraud report. The credit card company initially refused to credit the account for the disputed charges. Our attorney wrote a letter disputing the debt and demanding written confirmation that no amount is owed by Client for the disputed fraudulent charges. In response to our letter, the credit card company removed the disputed charges from her account. Savings to Client, $23,349.24.

Client contacted our office for assistance regarding a used car that his 17-year-old son had purchased from a used car dealership. The vehicle broke down on its way to the buyer?s home from the dealership. Normally, the ?as-is? nature of the agreement would preclude the Client?s son from any recourse; however, the sales contract was entered into by a minor. Our attorney wrote a demand letter to the dealership with the facts and cited O.C.G.A. ?13-3-20, which expressly holds that contracts with minors are voidable. Further, the attorney demanded that the dealership rescind the sale in its entirety. In response to our letter, the dealership voided the contract, saving the Client $18,000.00.

In 2017, Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell, and Daly has continued to grow, and, our firm remains thoroughly committed and fully dedicated to assisting our clients. We wish you and your families the happiest of holidays this season, and a healthy, safe and prosperous 2018!