Our law firm had an amazing year! Through November 30, 2019, we handled 116,943 requests for service from LegalShield members. In addition, we hosted over 20 special events throughout the year, including in-person Open House events, Open House webinars, Will webinars, Referral Attorney training webinars, and our special annual Tax 101 webinar.

Our attorneys and support staff handled many notable matters and promptly serviced the needs of our clients in 2019. We strive to deliver all the benefits you are entitled to receive in a courteous and professional manner.

In addition to our litigation wins, we also sent out countless demand letters. Every month, our law firm newsletter features and showcases success stories resulting from the preparation and sending of a demand letter. Why are these stories important? Our clients recovered and saved thousands of dollars after the attorney sent one letter, without having to retain counsel or resort to costly and time-consuming litigation. In fact, through November of this year, we have assisted members in recovering or saving over $1,641,000 under their initial consultation benefits. Looking back, here are some of the most impactful stories of 2019.