Recent Success Stories

Client contacted our office for assistance after she was denied coverage for Long Term Disability benefits provided by her employer. ?Client was a 3-year employee of local county?s Board of Education, and she was injured while on the job. ?Initially, client was denied short term disability compensation. ?She challenged that decision and won, and she was awarded short term disability benefits. ?Due to the permanent nature of her injury, she was not cleared to return to work; however, she was denied long term disability benefits. ?Our attorney wrote a letter to the insurance provider advising that client was unable to perform the essential duties of her job under the medically-necessary restrictions placed on her, and provided documentation from her medical providers. ?In response to our letter, the insurance company agreed to overturn its decision and approve her claim for benefits, including a lump sum payment of $25,000.00 in missed benefits. Recovery for client, $25,000.00, plus monthly benefits.

Client contacted our office after receiving a debt collection letter in regard to demand for payment of a credit card debt of $11,181.68.? Client acknowledged that she owed the debt; however, she is currently experiencing financial hardship and could not pay the amount owed.? Our attorney wrote a letter to the collection agency in an effort to resolve the case and made a settlement offer of $4,800.00 to be paid at a rate of $400.00 per month.? The opposing party responded with a settlement offer of $5,031.76.? The opposing party?s counter-demand of $5,031.76 was accepted. Savings to client, $6,149.92.

Client contacted our office for assistance after his insurance company denied his claim for damages to his vehicle. ?Client returned from an out of town trip to discover substantial water in his vehicle as a result of extreme rainy weather during his absence. ?The water caused electrical damage to his vehicle and it would not start. ?Client filed a claim with his insurance company, which was denied on the alleged basis that the damage was consistent with a lack of maintenance. ?Our attorney wrote a letter to the insurance company, and provided the diagnostics and maintenance records from the dealership, demanding that they pay the claim. ?In response to our letter, the insurance company responded that they had reviewed the documentation and would be issuing payment for the amount of the claim. Recovery for client, $4,800.00.

Estate Planning 101

You may have minor children or own property and need peace of mind that after you pass away, your financial and personal affairs will be in order. Attorneys in our Will Division are available to answer any questions you may have related to the preparation of your Will or Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care. Please feel to give our law firm a call if you have any specific questions regarding your estate planning needs.

The Importance Of Having A Will

Dying without a Will (intestate, as it is referred to in the law), can pose a huge problem. ?Several reports have shown that more than half of Americans die without a Will. ? Based on our research, there are three reasons why Americans do not prepare a Will: (1) procrastination; (2) a belief that they don’t need one; and (3) cost.

During our life time we accumulate wealth, which may include real estate, bank accounts, investments, personal property, life insurance, businesses or companies run by us, even inheritance from our loved ones. All these tangibles/intangibles make up your estate, which we recommend should be managed properly during your lifetime and after you, pass away.

Why an Advance Directive For Healthcare and a Durable Power of Attorney are also Important Documents

While a Will protects you and your loved ones after you pass away, there may be unforeseen occurrences and complications that could arise during your lifetime. ? We recommend that you complete an Advance Directive for Healthcare to protect yourself in the event you become severely ill or incapacitated, and are unable to make decisions regarding your medical treatment.

A durable power of attorney, which is synonymously known as a financial power of attorney, protects you or your loved ones in the event you or they become incapacitated or rendered incompetent, or even may be unavailable to carry out important financial decisions or pay bills. It is a legal document that enables a designated ?agent? to act in your place or the place of your loved one.

Please note that in Georgia, an Advance Directive for Healthcare is a separate legal document that combines the Living Will and the Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Please contact our firm, if you have any questions related to making medical decisions regarding your loves, or whom you may designate or assign to make medical decisions on your behalf.

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