Our Success Stories

Member contacted our office for assistance with cancelling a contract for a timeshare property in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Member purchased a timeshare unit several years ago.  Member recently became ill and is no longer able to work.  Due to her extreme financial hardship, she is unable to afford the loan payment and maintenance fees. Our attorney wrote a letter to the ownership resort and explained the change in member’s financial situation. The attorney requested that the resort accept the deed to the property in lieu of foreclosure.  The resort agreed to the request and member executed a release agreement.  Savings for member, $22,660.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance with the contract for her daughter’s enrollment at a private school.  Member’s daughter suffers with a disability which affects her ability to breathe.  Prior to enrollment, member reached out to the school regarding her daughter’s condition and her inability to wear a mask in accordance with COVID-19 protocols.  The school advised member they would work on a solution to accommodate her daughter.  In good faith, member bought six different types of masks trying to find one that would not exacerbate her daughter’s pre-existing health condition, and also provided the school with air filters to benefit the school and staff. The school, however, did nothing to accommodate member’s daughter, who was continuously harassed, embarrassed., and berated by schoolteachers and administrators for not wearing a mask.  Our attorney wrote a letter to the school explaining that member’s daughter is exempt under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and requested the school terminate the enrollment contract for both of member’s children and allow them to withdraw from the school.  In response to our letter, the school agreed to cancel the contract and zeroed out the balance owed for tuition.  Savings for member, $5,297.99.

Member contacted our office in regard to an unresolved issue he was having with his new truck.  Several months after member purchased a new truck, he began to have problems with his third-row seat cushion and the brake boosters.  Member took his truck to the dealership for repair, telling the technician that the brake booster was wobbling.  The dealership thought it was the brake pads and ignored member’s complaint that it was the booster.  Member also relayed that there was an issue with the third-row section seat cushion, which they were unable to repair.  Member reached out to the manufacturer’s customer assistance center and was unsuccessful in resolving on his own. Our attorney wrote a letter to the manufacturer demanding a refund of the cost to repair the third seat cushion backing, and that the brake booster be repaired at no additional cost.  In response to our letter, and following communication with counsel for the manufacturer, a settlement offer was made and agreed to by member.  Recovery for member, $4,500.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance with an issue she was having obtaining a refund for a headstone she purchased for her grandson’s grave. Member contracted with a cemetery to have a headstone engraved and installed for her grandson’s gravesite.  After six months of waiting, it still had not been erected and member wanted to know her options.  Our attorney wrote a letter demanding a refund of the amount paid for the cost of the headstone, including engraving and installation. In response to our letter, member received a refund for the amount demanded.  Recovery for member, $3,842.00.

Member contacted our office with questions about the new stimulus package and the Paycheck Protection Program.  The attorney advised member that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is reopening the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for First Draw Loans the week of January 11, 2021. First Draw PPP Loans can be used to help fund payroll costs, including benefits. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) now allows certain eligible borrowers that previously received a PPP loan to apply for a Second Draw PPP Loan with the same general loan terms as their First Draw PPP Loan. Second Draw PPP Loans can be used to help fund payroll costs, including benefits. Funds can also be used to pay for mortgage interest, rent, utilities, worker protection costs related to COVID-19, uninsured property damage costs caused by looting or vandalism during 2020, and certain supplier costs and expenses for operations.  Resource provided: https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/coronavirus-relief-options/paycheck-protection-program/second-draw-ppp-loans