Recent Success Stories

Client has a small business plan and contacted our office for assistance in getting payment for services rendered.? Client owns a staffing company and had a prior contract with a national hotel chain.? The hotel was invoiced, but failed to pay for several months of staffing provided by Client?s company.? Client was unsuccessful in his attempts to resolve the matter on his own.? Our attorney wrote a letter to the company, demanding immediate payment for the outstanding invoices, and advising the company that our client was prepared to pursue all available legal remedies.? In response to our letter, client received payment for the outstanding invoices.? Recovery for client, $36,908.14.

Client contacted our office after receiving a demand letter from a car rental company seeking payment for damages to a vehicle.? Client rented a vehicle and the clutch failed while driving on the expressway.? Client was not hurt and there was no accident; however, he was stranded on the highway without assistance and missed his appointment.? The vehicle was returned to the rental company and client requested a refund.? He was told that everything would be taken care of and it was not his fault.? Several months later the car rental company sent a demand for damages and threatened collections.? Our attorney wrote a letter demanding a copy of the mechanic?s diagnosis of the vehicle, and denying that client had any responsibility for the failure of the clutch.? In response to our letter, the company agreed that client was not liable for any damages, and closed the claim.? Savings for client, $2,633.29.

Client contacted our office for assistance regarding an agreement that she entered into for an on-line training program for social media usage.? When client purchased the course, she understood that there was a 100% money-back guarantee if she was dissatisfied with the program.? The program was designed to teach one how to become a media influencer, create original content and develop a dedicated on-line following, and monetize videos.? After watching several of the on-line courses, Client was alarmed by the video content, which included foul and profane language that was offensive and inappropriate.? Client attempted to resolve the matter on her own, but was only able to get a partial refund of one month?s training.? Our attorney wrote a letter to company, and the on-line payment vendor, demanding a refund of the money paid for the course.? In response to our letter, the on-line payment vendor agreed to provide a full refund to client.? Recovery for client, $1,182.00.

Legislative Updates And New Laws That Have Gone Into Effect In Georgia

Georgia lawmakers are currently hard at work under the Gold Dome during the 2019 legislative session. On January 14, 2019, lawmakers, including our new Governor, Brian Kemp, were sworn into office.? Legislators will work together on codifying new rules.? There will likely be several debates and discussions regarding a wide variety of issues, including the following: new voting machines, and adding or changing existing election laws; expanding existing medical marijuana laws; revolutionizing and improving the current health care delivery system; raising salaries for teachers; and carrying firearms without permits for certain Georgians.

Here are some important laws that passed during the 2018 legislative session that have now gone into effect as of January 1, 2019:

HB 61 Georgia is serious about collecting state taxes from out-of-state Internet retailers that sell items here.? Retailers that generate at least 200 sales or $250,000 in revenue in Georgia have to collect and remit sales tax and notify customers who spend more than $500 to pay sales tax.

HB 79 This law amended the existing codes relating to law enforcement officers and agencies, which prohibit law enforcement personnel and agencies from retaining license plate data obtained from automated license plate recognition systems beyond a certain period.

SB 118 (Ava’s Law) Georgia insurers are now required to expand insurance coverage for people aged 20 years or younger on the autism spectrum.? The old law only covered children six years or younger on the autism spectrum, and required insurers to cover behavioral therapy services up to $30,000. The new law increased coverage to $35,000 in annual spending.

SR 146 (Marcy’s Law) On November 6, 2018, 81% of Georgia voters approved this constitutional amendment which now provides crime victims more rights.? Victims can now receive notifications before hearings, and updates in cases involving defendants accused of harming them.? They also have the right to be included in every court proceeding.

HB 657 This law amended existing state law regarding dangerous instrumentalities and practices, by making it illegal to provide firearms to anyone known to be on probation as a felony first offender or to have been convicted as a felon.

HB 732 The existing sex trafficking laws broadened the definition of sex trafficking and imposed harder and stricter punishments on anyone caught trafficking an individual for sexual servitude.

If you have any questions regarding these new laws, please call us anytime between 8:30 and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.? We look forward to assisting you, as always.

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