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Recent Success Stories

Client contacted our office for assistance to collect on a lien he had placed against a hotel property. Client?s company completed construction of the outside facade of a hotel structure and was not paid by the general contractor of the project for the labor and material costs incurred. Our attorney wrote a letter to the hotel group pointing out that the facade is one of the signature design elements of the hotel, advising them of the lien and demanding payment for the money owed. In response to our letter, Client was sent payment in the amount demanded. Recovery for Client – $46,714.20.

Client contacted our office for assistance regarding a car he purchased from a local car dealership. Client purchased a new car and when he took it in after a couple of months to get an oil change, he was told that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) did not match his contract. He was told that he had to redo the paperwork to correct the issue. Client signed new documentation; however, it was still not done correctly, and Client was given a fraudulent temporary tag to coup however, it was still not done correctly, and Client was given a fraudulent temporary tag to cover up the fact that the dealership could not obtain a tag for him. Client was subsequently stopped by the police and almost arrested for having an illegal tag, no registration and no insurance under the VIN for his car. Our attorney wrote a letter to the dealership demanding that they rescind the agreement, remove any registration from Client?s name, pay off the loan in full, and accept the return of the vehicle. In response to our letter, the dealership agreed to take back the car and rescind the installment agreement. Savings for Client – $38,000.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance with an issue she was having with a contract with a dating service. Client paid a down payment and entered into a contract with a dating service, financing the remainder of the fees. Client was told by the representative that he guaranteed her dating prospects would be of high quality, and that they had over 5,000 members with solid backgrounds and who were financially secure. The representative also stated that he had successfully matched many people who had gone on to eventually marry. Over the course of 13 months, Client has not found one single, viable date through the website of candidates chosen by the representative. Our attorney wrote a letter to the owner of the company advising that Client would no longer be making payments for the service and demanding that the contract be terminated. In response to our letter, the company agreed to void the contract. Savings for Client – $2,500.00.

Important Alert For Georgia Drivers
New Hands-Free Georgia Act Takes Effect

The new Georgia Hands-Free Act (House Bill 673 amends Georgia Code 40-6-241) aims to reduce distracted driving. In 2010, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Caleb Sorohan Act for Saving Lives by Preventing Texting While Driving Act. The act criminalized texting while driving; however, law enforcement officers found it challenging to enforce the law because they could not differentiate whether the driver was unlawfully texting or lawfully using his or her phone. During the 2017-2018 legislative session, lawmakers decided to amend the law to address these issues, and have prohibited wireless communication devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistances (PDAs), computers, tablets, or GPS systems to be held or supported by any part of the body. Only Bluetooth, earpiece, headphone, watch or speakerphone usage will be permitted to send voice based text messages or for GPS purposes, except in cases when the use of hand-held device is used for reporting a traffic accident. In addition to these restrictions, drivers may not watch videos, or broadcast or record videos on wireless communication devices. It is important to note that talking to someone on video telephone apps such as FaceTime and Skype, and streaming online radio apps which require internet data, such as Spotify or Pandora, are also prohibited. Penalties for violations of the new law include fines and points assessments. If you have any specific questions about the new Georgia Hands-Free Act, or if youreceive a ticket, please contact our law firm immediately for assistance.

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