Member contacted our office for assistance regarding a judgment that was filed against her seven years ago after being served with a lawsuit stemming from an unpaid debt.  Member was transporting a vehicle that was stolen in transit.  Member was sued and there was a judgment issued against her for $111,000.00.  Member’s business went under and she was unable to pay the debt.  In an attempt to resolve the matter, our attorney offered to reach out to opposing counsel with a settlement offer.  Our attorney wrote a letter regarding member’s financial hardship and offered to settle with a lump sum amount to be paid in two installments, and following a brief settlement discussion, an agreement was reached.  Savings for Member, $91,000.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance with a furniture leasing contract.  Member purchased furniture that was financed through a lease-purchase retailer.  Member’s contract had a 90-Day Early Payoff Option.  Member began to contact the retailer to arrange the early payoff amount and was told that they could not find her contract.  Member was able to locate her contract and provided them with a copy; however, she was told that she missed the early payoff deadline.  Member was unable to resolve the matter on her own and contacted our office.  Our attorney wrote a letter demanding they honor the early payoff option, pointing out that if it were not for member’s diligence, they would have no proof that she owed them anything.  The attorney further stated that member should not be penalized for being honest when they were unable to locate their own documents.  In response to our letter, the retailer offered member a payoff that was less than the actual early payoff amount.  Savings for member, $3,665.07.

Member contacted our office for assistance in collecting a debt for services rendered.  Member was owed commission from a prior employer for a piece of furniture he had designed.  The opposing party refused to pay member and he was unsuccessful in his multiple attempts to resolve the matter on his own.  Our attorney wrote a demand letter for the money owed and received a counteroffer from opposing party, which member accepted.  Recovery for Member, $2,500.00.