Our Success Stories 

Member contacted our office for assistance to collect on money owed for services rendered at a local institution. Member performed painting work and they refused to pay her claiming that her company used the wrong type of paint.  They said it needed to be redone.  Our attorney wrote a letter demanding payment, arguing that the brand of paint was never specified in the project documents, and in any event, the paint Member used was considered to be an identical grade in the industry to the brand they claimed was specified.  In response to our letter, Member was sent payment in the amount demanded.  Recovery for Member, $24,165.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance regarding a subrogation claim that she received.  Member received a letter from a law firm demanding payment on a claim for $22,500.00.   The debt arose after Member’s policy limits were exceeded following an automobile accident.  Our attorney wrote a letter to the company advising them that Member is in a precarious financial situation and struggling to maintain her monthly obligations due to limited income.  Also, in an effort to settle the matter amicably, and without the need for pursuing bankruptcy, our attorney proposed a settlement offer of $6,500.00 to be paid in monthly installments.  In response to our letter, opposing counsel accepted the settlement offer.  Savings for Member, $16,000.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance with an issue she was having with a car dealership.  Member purchased a car and was given a temporary tag.  Member’s college-aged daughter was driving the vehicle, when she was stopped and detained for driving a stolen vehicle.  The car dealership claimed they gave her the wrong tag.  Member’s daughter was traumatized by the detainer in handcuffs on the side of a busy road, and she sought counseling where she was diagnosed with pre-stage Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Our attorney wrote a demand letter and advised them of the evidence they had to support any subsequent legal action.  After some negotiation between the attorneys, member agreed to accept $5,000.00 in settlement of all claims.  Recovery for Member, $5,000.00.