Our Success Stories

Member contacted our office for assistance regarding a new car that she had recently purchased from a dealership. The same day member purchased the vehicle, she discovered the satellite radio system did not work. She contacted the provider’s technical support department and was advised the issue was with the radio in the vehicle.  Member took her vehicle in to have the windows tinted and they agreed to fix the radio at the same time.  The technician was not able to repair the radio that day and scheduled a time for member to return with her vehicle.  When member was driving to the dealership to have the radio repaired, the check engine light came on.  Member reported that issue when she arrived at the dealership and they assured her they would fix it.  Later, the technician advised member that the part needed to fix her SUV had to be re-engineered before the repair could be made. Our attorney wrote a letter to the dealership, stating that after 16 days in the shop and the vehicle still not repaired, member is concerned that the car is a lemon, and is going to continue to cause her problems. The attorney demanded the dealership stand by its promise to make everything right for member. The attorney requested member’s money be refunded and they cancel the deal. In response to our letter, the company agreed to the cancel the deal and returned member’s trade-in to her.  Savings for Member, $41,000.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance in reviewing an agreement to purchase an established business (which was losing money) and take over the lease. Member was told he would need to close the deal by the end of the week. The attorney reviewed the documents and found that the lease had already expired and there were separate stipulations added by the landlord requiring the buyer to assume responsibility for the existing debt of the former owner. The attorney advised member that without an existing lease, he would have no clear right to remain in the shopping center after going through with the deal, even after paying $14,000 to satisfy the owner’s existing debt. The attorney advised member that the early deadline, along with the balloon payment, and the absence of a clear duration of the lease, all seemed to have the hallmarks of a scam.  Based on our attorney’s advice and guidance, member did not sign the agreement.  Savings for member, $14,000.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance regarding repair work to her vehicle. Member contacted a mobile full-service auto repair service company to repair a small oil leak on her automobile.  The assigned technician broke two of the fuel injector O-rings and the car would not start. The company sent another technician out to fix the issues caused by the first technician, and he was unable to repair the damage. Member was forced to have her car towed to a dealership for repairs. The dealership had to order the replacement parts from Germany, delaying repair for several months. Our attorney wrote a letter to the company outlining their negligent and shoddy work, and demanded a refund of repair costs, plus reimbursement for car rental charges incurred by member.  In response to our letter, opposing party remitted the demanded funds.  Recovery for member, $8,898.76.

Member contacted our office for assistance with an issue she was having with her Homeowners Association. Member lost her job due to COVID-19 and she fell behind on her HOA dues.  Member also needed to make repairs to her garage door and was issued a violation notice and assessed a fine. The HOA turned the account over to a collections firm. Our attorney wrote a letter to the firm advising that member is presently unemployed and requested a waiver of interest, late fees, and attorney’s fees.  In response to our letter, the opposing party agreed and set up a payment plan allowing member to pay off the assessment balance in monthly payments until it is fully satisfied.  Savings for member, $3,140.37.

Member contacted our office for assistance related to an issue with a pest control company.  Member hired a popular pest-protection company to do a free inspection of her attic to check for bats.  The salesman who inspected her attic told her she had a squirrel infestation and sold her a treatment plan to eradicate the problem. The technicians who came out to fulfill the contract informed member that she did not have a squirrel, bat or rat infestation; in fact, her attic was fine.  Member was unsuccessful in her attempts to cancel the contract and obtain a refund on her own. Our attorney wrote a letter to the company stating that their act of upselling an unnecessary service was fraudulent, unethical and a complete waste of member’s time and money. The attorney demanded the company cancel member’s contract and issue a refund of the fees.  In response to our letter, member received the amount demanded and confirmation the contract was cancelled.  Recovery for member, $980.00.