Recent Success Stories
Client contacted our office for assistance related to an issue with her tax refund. Client’s state and federal tax refunds were deposited into the wrong bank account at her bank because the tax preparer input the wrong account number. The bank placed the funds on hold and refused to release the money to Client. Our attorney wrote a letter to the bank demanding that they send the money back to the IRS and State. In response to our letter, the bank returned the money to the IRS and State. We were then able to retrieve the funds for Client. Recovery for Client, $8,297.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance regarding a used car that he purchased from a dealership. The vehicle’s check engine light came on one week after he purchased the vehicle. Client had the car inspected and it was found to be in terrible shape, and along with having the radiator replaced, there was a tremendous amount of rust damage on the frame. The title on the vehicle and Carfax report did not indicate any flood damage. Normally, the “as-is” nature of the agreement would preclude the buyer from any recourse; however, our attorney consulted with and coached Client on how to approach the car dealership about replacing the vehicle with a different one. The dealership agreed to let Client trade in the car for a different vehicle. Recovery for Client, $8,500.00.

Client contacted our office for assistance in canceling a lease agreement for a commercial property. Client was renting office space and terminated the lease. Client was told that she owed an entire year’s rent of $11,400.00 for the commercial rent because of an auto-renewal provision. Our attorney sent an email letter disputing the debt and advising that an auto-renewal was not enforceable in Georgia without affirmative consent by both parties. After a follow-up telephone conference, the parties agreed to settle for the last two month?s rent. Savings to Client, $8,839.18.

Beware of Recent?Georgia Department of Labor Poster Scam
by Shannon Mandel, Esq.

Recently a number of newly-formed Georgia businesses have received what appears to be an invoice or demand stating that the business must purchase workplace posters. These demands usually state that the business is non-compliant and subject to fines if the posters are not immediately purchased, with an average price of approximately $75.00.

Please note that, while the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) does require certain employment and workplace posters to be prominently displayed for all employees, all required compliance posters required by law can be printed free of charge from GDOL’s website at

Employers are not legally required to purchase posters from private vendors. These unsolicited marketing materials are often confusing and misleading. Posters do not have to be of any size other than a standard sheet of paper, nor are posters required to be laminated. Posters need to simply be accurate, legible and accessible for all employees. If you are uncertain if your business is compliant with the workplace poster requirements, please call our office to discuss the matter with one of our attorneys.

Employers should never pay for a government service that is provided free of charge, and we are happy to assist you with determining what your workplace requirements may be.

An Ounce of Prevention = A Pound of Cure
by Michael Harty, Esq.

Send Before You Sign

  • Did you know you can have any contract reviewed by our firm? Remember you have a team of attorneys on your side. Send the contract to our team of experienced lawyers first and let them review on the front end, to help ensure you won’t have to pay for counsel on the back end.
  • Is it a loan or an investment? Be careful lending people your hard- earned money. If you think it is a loan and the contract states investment, you may be putting your hard-earned money at risk. Why risk it? Investments should have a much higher return than a loan. You can sue to collect a loan. You may not have any recourse with investments.
  • Is a time share company sending you documents telling you they have a great opportunity? Maybe it is, for them. Make sure you have your documents reviewed by our attorneys to see if this great opportunity is in your best interests.