Our Success Stories

Member is a professional disc jockey for whom her wedding business during the prime wedding months of April through June accounts for one-half of her annual income.  Her business has been, and will continue to be, impacted by this crisis, and she called the office to speak with an attorney about her options and the enforceability of her current standard contract.  The attorney reviewed the contract, which contained a thorough force majeure provision, and advised her candidly that her clients would have a strong argument for getting out of the contract given the current situation.  The attorney advised that her best bet was to be up front with her current clients about their options, and to negotiate with them on rescheduling the events or modifying the size of the events to comport with current Federal, CDC and State guidelines related to COVID-19 (which were provided to the client).  While we weren’t able to make her problem go away, we were able to fully explain the law and available options, and assist her in coming up with a manageable workaround that will hopefully allow her to minimize her financial losses during the crisis.

Member contacted our office with a question about unemployment compensation.   Member’s employer is furloughing employees for one week each quarter in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial impact on their company.  Member said she was told to file for unemployment benefits but was not sure how it would work.  The Attorney advised the Member that notice of furlough for varying periods are periods with lack of work.  The Attorney explained that unemployment compensation eligibility exists when there is a lack of work, even if the claim is for one week during a scheduled furlough.  Guidelines for filing for unemployment benefits can be found at: https://dol.georgia.gov/unemployment-benefits

Member contacted our office with questions about obtaining a refund for airline tickets.  Member and daughter had purchased tickets from a major airline for planned international trip in April.  Member wanted to cancel the trip because of COVID-19, but was told there would be a steep cancellation fee.  Member wanted to know her options.  The Attorney advised Member that, as of now, the airline is still offering vouchers for cancellations, but not full refunds.  The Attorney advised Member to keep in touch with her travel agent and if the flight gets cancelled, then she will be able to get a full refund. U.S. Department of Transportation, Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings: http://www.dot.gov/airconsumer

Member contacted our office with questions about the Internal Revenue Service and eligibility for the stimulus check.  Member stated that she has not received the stimulus payment and has not been able to reach anyone at the Internal Revenue Service to answer her questions.  The attorney advised member that the IRS has suspended walk-in services but was open to receive phone calls.  The attorney fully explained the on-line process at https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment to Member and was able to confirm that Member’s check was mailed on May 8, 2020.