A member contacted our office for assistance regarding a judgment that was filed against her for a debt she owed on a car that had been repossessed and sold by the creditor. The member is still in a precarious financial situation and struggling to maintain her monthly obligations due to a reduced income. In an attempt to resolve the matter, our attorney offered to reach out to opposing counsel, and following brief settlement discussions was able to settle the matter at a reduced amount to be made in monthly payments until paid in full.  Savings to member, $7,150.00.

A business member contacted our office for assistance in collecting a debt for services rendered.  Member was hired as a sub-contractor to perform electrical work, including installing a meter box and temporary power pole, installing light fixtures in the bathrooms and installing smoke detectors throughout the home.  Member was unsuccessful in his multiple attempts to resolve on his own.  Our attorney wrote a demand letter for the money owed and pointed out that while there was a dispute regarding the contractor, that issue was resolved amicably.  In response to our letter, the opposing party paid the outstanding invoice.  Recovery for Member, $3,500.00.

A member contacted our office for assistance after her claim for damages was denied.  Member contracted with a gutter company to install new gutters and brackets on her home.  After the installation, the gutters failed to drain properly, and member filed a notice of the problem within the warranty period. The company sent technicians out on three separate occasions to repair the defects; however, the gutters still leaked.  Member had the gutters inspected by another company who verified that the gutters were improperly installed leaving gaps between the gutters and the fascia board.  Our attorney wrote a letter to the gutter company demanding that they honor their warranty and reimburse member to have the gutters properly installed.  In response to our letter, member received payment for the amount demanded.  Recovery for member, $3,100.00.

A member contacted our office for assistance with the contract for a cellular plan.  Member’s father had received a phone call to renew his cellular service and agreed to a contract for a new plan. Member has Power of Attorney over her father, who has dementia, and called the cellular provider to let them know that he did not have the capacity to enter into and appreciate the terms of contractual agreements.  Member cancelled the plan, returned the equipment, and was told nothing more would be owed on the plan. Member began receiving harassing phone calls stating there was an outstanding balance on her dad’s account.  The attorney consulted with member and sent a letter to the cellular provider demanding that they correct member’s account to show a zero balance and cease their collection efforts. In response to our letter, member received a call from the corporate office stating the account was closed and marked paid in full.  Savings for member, $300.00.