It?s Official – Georgia Has Been Ranked Number One In The Country For Doing Business

Governor Nathan Deal recently announced that Georgia has been ranked, for five consecutive years, as the number one State in the United States for doing business. Several companies have relocated their headquarters or expanded business operations here. These companies include, Mercedes, Comcast, Caterpillar, Kia, Porsche, and Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

Recently, 1,300 new jobs were created when tech companies Accenture and OneTrust expanded operations in Georgia. Also foreign countries such as Germany, Ireland, Italy are investing in Georgia and will create 4,400 new jobs, and Asian companies plan to invest $751 million in Georgia and create 1,400 jobs.

Part of the attraction of moving operations to Georgia has to do with the Governor?s pro-job tax reforms, which includes the removal of State taxes on energy used in manufacturing, elimination of the estate tax for easier succession of businesses to family members, reduction of any marriage tax penalties, implementation of sales tax holidays, and enactment of tax credits for technology, film, and agriculture industries.

Due to the business-friendly environment and recent business developments in Georgia, our firm anticipates that more of Georgians will be expanding their businesses or may want to start their own businesses to serve the needs of individuals and businesses moving and expanding into our State. Please call our office for a consultation about any of your business questions, or if you are thinking of starting a business. Here are some practical considerations:

Obtain a business license or sole proprietorship at your local city hall or county courthouse and visit the the Secretary of State’s website to obtain more information about professional licensing;
Consult with an attorney and/or tax professional regarding which type of legal business structure is appropriate for you;
Incorporate your business by filing your corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership with the Corporations Division of the Office of the Secretary of State; and
Visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website to learn about business-tax types, information about audits, collection, and other rules and the Internal Revenue Service website to apply for a federal tax ID, or Employer Identification Number (EIN).
We may be able to provide you with the necessary assistance in the formation of a business entity, which allows you to focus on running your business.

Recognizing Love Your Lawyer Day And Why It Is Important

November is dedicated to honoring several events: Election Day, Veterans Day, International Day of of Tolerance, Thanksgiving, and also Love Your Lawyer Day! Recently lawyers around the world were appreciated on November 3, 2017, on Love Your Lawyer Day (formerly “I Love My Lawyer Day”). This holiday was created back in 2001 by the American Lawyers Public Image Association, and in 2015, the American Bar Association (ABA) formally supported the celebration of this special day. The ABA Law Practice Division passed a resolution on October 22, 2015. Please refer to the resolution:

The main idea behind the creation of this global celebration was to raise awareness, honor the hard work and countless hours that attorneys dedicate to resolving complex legal matters and fighting for justice, and to address negative perceptions about the legal profession. The first Friday of November has been designated as Love Your Lawyer Day. This is a time when clients reach out to their attorneys and express their appreciation, and often donate to a charity in their favorite attorney?s name. Attorneys alike, often perform pro bono services or donate to a charity of their choosing in honor of their favorite legal professionals. The movement has been designed to spread awareness that attorneys work hard to improve society.

At our firm, we believe every day is Love Your Lawyer Day because our wonderful clients send us notes, routinely offer positive feedback in the form of words of encouragement and support, and continuously challenge us to think outside the box to become creative problem solvers. Our lawyers have the unique opportunity to speak and interact with our amazing clients, which makes the practice of law rewarding to them. This holiday serves as a reminder that our clients truly appreciate us and we enjoy representing them!

Saved $15,504.40. Client contacted our office for assistance regarding a used car she purchased from a local car dealership. The Department of Motor Vehicles advised there was a lien on the vehicle. Our attorney wrote a letter to the purported lienholder, who responded and advised that they did not have a lien on the vehicle. Our attorney then wrote a letter to the auction house demanding a title. The auction house requested a copy of the bill of sale and letter from the company stating they did not have a lien on the car. In the meantime, the business that the Client had purchased the car from closed, and the loan that Client had secured to purchase the vehicle was cancelled because of the issue with the title. The attorney provided the auction house with a copy of the bill of sale and company information. In response to our letter, Client received a clean title to her car. Savings to Client, $15,504.40.

Recovered $4,687.50. Client contacted our office for assistance regarding non-refundable expenses that she had paid for her daughter?s wedding. Client?s daughter was engaged to be married, and she and her fianc? purchased a home and were living together. Several months into planning and preparing for the wedding, and without warning, the fianc? broke off the engagement. The ex-fianc? also requested that Client?s daughter quitclaim her interest in the home to him since she was not on the mortgage and had not made any mortgage payments, but was listed on the deed. Our attorney wrote a demand letter to the ex-fianc? advising that under Georgia?s Heart Balm Statute, the Client were entitled to recover their losses stemming from non-refundable expenses related to the planned wedding, and as a matter of good-faith, the daughter was willing to sign a deed quitclaiming her interest in the home. In response to our letter, and several telephone conversations, an agreement was reached. Recovery for Client, $4,687.50.

Recovered $23,102.00 ? Client contacted our office for assistance after being terminated from her position in what she believed was due to discrimination and retaliation. Client had worked for the company for over nine years and had an excellent work record; however, last year she was in an auto accident and missed work for six weeks. Several months after she was back at work, her manager approached her and told her she was not meeting the requirements. Client complained she was being targeted due to her race, and she was then terminated. As part of her termination, the company offered a severance package of $44,585.85. Our attorney wrote a demand letter advising them of their history of discriminating against people of color, and their practice of hiring and promoting other ethnic groups. The company, in turn, took their severance offer off the table and demanded she return a company cell phone and tablet. After some negotiation between the attorneys, Client agreed to accept $66,878.79 in settlement of all claims. Additional recovery for Client, $23,102.00.