Recent Success Stories

Member contacted our office for assistance in obtaining a refund of the earnest money for a property she was attempting to purchase. Member signed a contract with a real estate company and paid earnest money funds in the amount of $3,000, and an additional $2,755 for upgrade options. Nearly nine months later, the real estate firm informed Member that the builder wished to terminate the contract. Member was told that the upgrade and earnest money funds would be returned to her within two days; however, six weeks later she still had not received a refund and her messages were being ignored. Our attorney wrote a letter demanding the return of the funds. In response to our letter, the opposing party remitted the demanded refund. Recovery for Member, $5,755.00.

Member contacted our office for assistance regarding a contract she entered into for an alarm system and monitoring service at her home. The alarm company sent a salesman to her home and Member provided an electronic signature on an iPad device for a 60-month contract for services. Member was not provided with a written copy of the contract, nor was the related Right of Cancellation Notice completed; rather, it was just included in the back of an instruction booklet. Member was not satisfied with the service, as the system did not perform properly and the sensors were not installed correctly. Member attempted to cancel the contract on her own but was told that she would have to pay the entire financial obligation for the equipment and that it could not be returned. Our attorney wrote a letter to the alarm company advising them that they had violated the requirements of Georgia law by failing to comply with all provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Cooling-Off Rule and demanded that they cancel Member’s contract without penalty. In response to our letter, the alarm company agreed to cancel her contract and pick up their equipment with no financial obligation. Savings for Member, $4,015.46.

Member contacted our office for assistance with an issue he was having with a nationally known cruise line. Member and his family were guests on one of the company’s cruise ships in celebration of his wife’s birthday and their wedding anniversary. Member’s wife had a disturbing encounter with a crewman that was mishandled by the company and completely ruined the family’s trip. Member’s wife had returned alone to their cabin and one of the crewmen was inside the doorway and began behaving in an inappropriate manner. Member’s wife was unnerved by the encounter and went to find security and happened upon her husband. Member returned with his wife to their room and confronted the crew member on his behavior. When Member contacted Guest Services seeking help, instead of properly investigating the incident, Member was confined to his room and removed from the ship the next day. Our attorney wrote a letter to the corporate office demanding a refund for the cost of the cruise and compensation for the family’s travel expenses. In response to our letter, the company remitted the requested compensation. Recovery for Member, $2,501.67.