Landlord-Tenant Disputes

If you are a landlord or a tenant, invariably, issues will arise. You might have disagreements about leases, subletting, non-payment, eviction, property maintenance, or another issue. Regardless of your issue, if you’re reaching out to an attorney, you’re looking to get it resolved quickly, with few complications. The attorneys at Deming Law have the experience and knowledge to help both business and residential landlords and tenants resolve their issues quickly, while protecting their rights.

If you’re a tenant and you believe you have been treated improperly by your landlord or property management company, or if, as a landlord, you have been unable to collect rent or your tenant has breached other provisions of the lease, we can be of assistance. If you’ve done everything you can to uphold your end of your lease or rental agreement and need legal assistance, we can help with next steps. We will review the details and discuss the options that best protect your rights.

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