Firm Newsletter – March 2017

Time Matters: Georgia Statutes of Limitations on Legal Actions Statute of limitations is a vague legal term for most, but it is a legal term that everyone should be very familiar with to ensure that you are able to receive the justice you deserve. Black’s Law...

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Firm Newsletter – January 31st, 2017

4 Things Small Business Owners Do That Can Cost Money, Time, and Potential Legal Liability by Shannon Mandel, Esq.
As a small business owner, you are likely looking at ways to save money and maximize your profits.  There are some common things that you can do in...

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Insurance Coverage for the Average Person

It has come to our attention that many people do not have adequate automobile and homeowner's insurance coverages. One reason you purchase automobile liability insurance is that it is required by law. However, the statutory minimum coverages imposed under Georgia Law...

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